Athletes will start by being counted on the beach, and then enter into the water for the start (near the bottom left buoy). Athletes will swim clockwise around the buoys. Once they reach the final buoy they will swim to the end of the lake near the small wooden bridge t exit. 












**Note: the bike loop picture is no longer accurate. A new picture will be added soon.
The bike course has been slightly modified from previous years. Racers will exit the parking lot and travel down St. Mary's until they get to the Two Nations Crossing intersection (first set of lights). They will turn right at the lights and onto the Ring Road Route 105, (without having to fully enter into the new Roundabout). They will continue down the highway and turn right on Brookside Drive, heading back towards Killarney Lake. Racers will complete three (3) laps of this modified bike course.









Run (Around the lake with out and back):





A separate entrance and exit are placed at one end of transition. 


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